2009 – Recipient

The seventh recipient of the annual DCAM flight instructor safety award for the year 2009 was:


This passionate aviator, extraordinary flight instructor has dedicated his life to nearly forty years to flight training and general aviation. He has done much to successfully guide and expand the horizons of those who walk through the doors of his school. A student comments, “He is an individual who has lived out the ideals that your award embraces.” An approachable icon, he is always willing to discuss and share his vast knowledge.

This year we celebrate our award in recognizing an individual whose passion and gifts to the younger generation of pilots have created a unique legacy and heritage for the future of aviation in Canada and who has established a facility capable of maintaining that heritage.

He is president and chief flight instructor of Harv’s Air, Manitoba: www.harvsair.com.

2008 winner

Left to Right: Harvey Penner, recipient, Jane & Rikki Abramson, Wayne Gouveia, VP., Commercial General Aviation, ATAC.

Left to Right: Jane Abramson, Martin Eley, Director General Civil Aviation, Transport Canada, Harvey Penner, recipient.