2010 – Recipient

The eighth recipient of the annual DCAM Flight Instructor Safety Award for the year 2010 was:


It goes this year to a young man whose achievements so far and whose potential shine full of promise as a beacon for the future of Canadian air safety. His strong leadership, integrity, technical competence and commitment to excellence played a significant role for Moncton Flight College’s approval process to be the first flight training approved training organization in Canada which was required in order for MFC and partner CAE, to conduct the first Multi-Crew Pilot License training in North America.

He is Manager of Corporate Safety and Quality of Moncton Flight College.

Left to Right: Wayne Gouveia, VP Commercial General Aviation & VP Prairie & Northern, ATAC; William Sutherland, Recipient and Jane Abramson, Co-founder.

Left to Right: William Sutherland, & Tim Mell, Business Director, Aviation, Sennheiser Canada.

Left to Right: Alison De Groot Associate Publisher, Wings & Helicopters magazines & William Sutherland.

Left to Right: Tasneem Hashmi, Asst. Centre Manager Flight Safety, William Sutherland, Gail Greenwood, Product Marketing Manager, FlightSafety.