Earlier Honorable Mentions and Recipients

Deanna Wiebe: I was finally able to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity given to me as a result of the Honorable Mention I received for the Flight Instructor Safety Award in 2009. I had the pleasure of taking the Flight Instructor Refresher Course through Seneca College in Toronto from February 28th through March 2nd. I was also able to participate in the Professional Development day on March 3rd.
    It was an excellent experience, and one that has given me new ideas and refreshed enthusiasm for instructing. I’m excited to continue to improve safety within my own school, and as a result improve safety in the greater aviation community. It is places like this, where we as instructors can meet and challenge each other to change and improve the way we approach instructing, that lead to improved safety for all pilots.
    Because of the DCAM Award I was able to be part of this course in Toronto. Meeting with other instructors from different schools, and hearing how they do things, has reminded me of what I love about instructing – there are always new and exciting ways to develop how we teach new pilots. The aviation community is strengthened when we all improve safety.
Deanna Wiebe, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, Bissett School of Business, Mount Royal University

AARON SPEER: During Aaron’s interview at First Air, they asked about his “most significant aviation achievement”, to which he replied; “I indicated that it was being selected to receive the DCAM Flight Instructor Safety Award. The most significant part of the award was the need for recognition from both my peers and students. To me, the support from these folks, was what told me that I was doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reason.”

GRAHAM SHEPPARD: “As a recipient of the DCAMAWARD, I was extremely pleased that there are people who actually recognize the fact that instructing can be a respectable and rewarding career. This recognition has certainly helped me maintain my focus and motivation during a very busy and dynamic time within the flight training industry.”

CLARK DUIMEL: “One of the highlights of my career has been receiving the David Charles Abramson Memorial Flight Instructor Safety Award. I have gotten to know the Abramson family since that time and appreciate their commitment to recognizing the impact that a flight instructor can have on the future of their students. Awards such as the DCAMAWARD go a long way to promoting a career in flight training as rewarding and fulfilling.”

SIMON GARRETT: “As a career flight instructor and a strong advocate of flight safety, just being nominated for the DCAM, was an honour. With the distinction of being a DCAM recipient, my participation in a variety of aviation related meetings and seminars allows me the opportunity to promote the safety and general aviation, with far more credibility.
Knowing that the Rockcliffe Flying Club has a DCAM recipient on staff, students are confident in the flight training they are receiving.”

JOHN ROBERTSON: “The David Charles Abramson Memorial Flight Instructor Safety Award is significant, not only because it is in honour of a young man, son and dedicated instructor who gave his life doing something that he strongly believed in, it recognizes the dedication and professionalism of others with similar qualities. To be recognized as such, especially by your peers, would truly be an honour and a humbling experience. The benefits from winning this award would be a validation that you are providing students with leadership and quality education in today’s ever changing environment, a validation quite different from renewing or upgrading your instructor rating. It is in fact food for the soul.”

BOB HENDERSON: “The Abramsons have courageously maintained our awareness of David’s heroic efforts and in so doing created a positive influence on today’s students and their training programs. As our students learn in this type of environment, they will undoubtedly promote a passion for safety, professionalism and a systematic approach to all aspects of aviation in Canada and around the world.”

HARVEY PENNER: “The benefits of the award to me would be the recognition of close to forty years of doing the best I can do, in a field where there is little public recognition. To think of receiving this award at the ATAC meeting in the company of other instructors and pilots would be humbling and a great honour.
It would also be an honour to meet the Abramson’s. When I think of how this award came to be, it makes me sad; being a father of three sons, I cannot imagine the hard times they have been through, but they have certainly made a positive out of a tragedy. I admire that.”

WILLIAM SUTHERLAND: “For myself, this is once in a life-time personal achievement; to be honoured as the receiver in both the memory of David Charles Abramson and also the company of past and future peers who share the same characteristics and vision as award recipients and are now held as examples of progressive aviation safety in the country and globally.
Receiving the award provides reassurance to the staff and students of MFC, that the company’s leadership, as a team and as individuals, is a competent unit devoted to their safety.