2014 – Honorable Mentions

Keith (KO) Ostertag: was chosen to receive the 2014 DCAM ‘Legacy Award.’  A lifetime of achievement and experience, successfully teaching for over forty-five years in the helicopter industry, with a total of 35,000 hours he has created a significant training and instruction history for rotary wing Pilots.

AN HONORABLE MENTION WAS GIVEN TO: Cathy Press, Chief Flight Instructor at Chinook Helicopters, Abbotsford, BC and to Andrej Zile, Professor, School of Aviation, Seneca College.

Amanda Welsh, Assistant Chief flight Instructor, at Moncton Flight College, is the winner of a three day instructional refresher course sponsored by Seneca College.                                                                                                                                                  
“The Award keeps the spirit and memory of David’s efforts alive by recognizing individuals who themselves hold the cornerstone of safety at the forefront, with an enthusiasm for high quality.  They lead the industry with passion towards progress.  As leaders of safety, Instructors have the influence on many new Pilots that are beginning a career.  A foundation built on safety will initiate a future for young Pilots that will be long lasting and prosperous.”